May 11


What Makes a Good Sales Team?

By Jade Levitt

May 11, 2023

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What Goes Into The Makings of a Good Sales Team?

There are so many different ways to answer that question, but to remain relevant to our readership,  we’re going to focus on what makes a good sales team in the B2B SaaS space (although we have been known to go off on tangents - but then again - who hasn't?!)

Your sales team is the backbone of your business - pointe finale. They play a crucial role in driving revenue and acquiring new customers so you can continue to grow. However, building a successful sales team is not just about hiring the right people - especially in SaaS. It requires a combination of factors. So, what exactly are those factors? Well, we sat down with our VP Sales and executives to discuss what exactly is a good sales team and how do you build one? Their answers are categorized for you in this week’s blog just below…

Five Essentials For a Good Sales Team

1. Clear Sales Goals and Targets 

A successful sales team needs to have clear goals and targets. Essentially, these should be specific, measurable, and achievable. Well how do you build those you ask? Simple! Sales targets should be aligned with the overall business goals of the company. Our pro tip? Work backwards. Start with your business goals and then ask yourself and your team what they need to do to get you there. Setting clear targets helps to motivate the team and provides a roadmap for success! Who doesn’t love direction?! Another pro tip? (We’re just full of them today!) Use sales automation! AKA: HELP YOURSELF. Sales automation tools can help your team in setting targets, tracking progress, and making adjustments when necessary.

2. Strong Communication Skills 

While this one may seem a little obvious, you’d be surprised how many sales people we have met throughout our career who do not have the communication skills required to sell the product/service. This is huge. Your sales teams need to be able to communicate effectively with clients and prospects. Moreover, they should be able to build relationships, establish trust, and explain your complex offerings in simple terms. Here we go again with a pro tip…Sales automation tools such as chatbots and email marketing software can help improve communication and make it more efficient if one (hopefully not all) of your sales team needs to work on their communication skills.

3. Consistent Follow-Up

A good sales team knows that the fortune is in the follow-up. You ever heard the expression consistency is king? Well now you have. Consistent follow-up is essential for closing deals and maintaining relationships with clients. Using sales automation tools to automate your follow up tasks ensure that you never miss a beat. No lead will fall through the cracks!

4. Collaboration and Teamwork

There is no I in the word team for a reason. A successful sales team needs to work together effectively. This means collaborating on sales strategies, sharing best practices, and supporting each other! Having a solid work ethic and team spirit is mission critical to the success of not only your sales team, but your business!

5. Continuous Learning and Improvement

A good sales team is always looking to improve. They are open to feedback, willing to learn new skills, and are adaptable to change. We are never too old to start learning new things! You can help your sales team continue to grow, meet their personal and professional objectives and surpass them by offering them opportunities for continuous learning through courses or additional schooling. In doing so, you will also foster a sense of community and loyalty between your business and your sales team.

In Conclusion...

So there you have it - from our experts to you. The five essentials for building a successful sales team in a B2B SaaS. It requires a combination of factors, including clear sales goals, strong communication skills, consistent follow-up, collaboration and teamwork, continuous learning and improvement, and….efficient sales automation! You knew we’d throw that in there! 

By leveraging these factors, businesses can create a high-performing sales team that drives revenue, acquires new customers, and grows the company!

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